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Hello Sweet Emma

You may remember Lilly’s newborn photos on the blog a couple of months ago.  Sweet Emma is her new cousin!  I am so excited that I got to capture both of these new baby Eggarts.  I can’t wait to watch them both grow up, too.  Having a cousin so close in age is really a treat, and I just know these two will be best of friends like Della and Jackson have been.

Speaking of Jackson, this is the third time I’ve had him in front of my camera, and he is one of the sweetest little guys I’ve ever met!  While we were waiting for Emma to nurse, he showed me all of his favorite iPad games and how to play them.  We had a cute little chat while he was sitting in the studio, and I’d occasionally just snap a photo of him without him realizing what I was doing.  The result is a cute little collection of childhood expressions.  I hope his mama loves them as much as I do!


The Ricky Palmer Family

This time of year is hard as a photographer who also works full time.  I know everyone who schedules a session in these last few months of the year is thinking of Christmas cards and gifts, and the pressure I put on myself is real.  I’m always really careful not to over-schedule myself so I can get photos edited and posted timely.  One thing I can’t plan for, though?  The flu.  Oh, I got my flu shot!  But then I got a strain that wasn’t covered, and I didn’t realize it until I was already two days in – too late to go get Tamiflu.  So on Thanksgiving day, when I had planned to wake up early and edit before heading to my sister’s house for lunch, I instead battled a fever and chills.  So much for that four-day weekend to catch up!

So Jessica and Ricky’s photos are later than I’d like them to be.  It took all week before I had the endurance to not crash immediately upon getting home from work.  Hopefully they’ll think they were worth the wait!  I loved the fact they wanted to shoot at their beautiful new home in Jay!  I watched the progress photos as they were posted on Facebook, and getting to shoot out there was really a treat!  The home looks new and yet like they’ve been there forever, if that makes sense.  Like it’s just meant to be!



Smelling flowers with Sarah

Sarah is another of my Whittle Steps graduates that I got to visit with for family photos recently.  We went back to one of her favorite places, and she checked out almost every flower there was.  Sarah even cooked up a little mischief when she stole her daddy’s hat – but she gave it back, placing it firmly on his head for him.  Kind of.  I mean, she got it back in the general area where it belongs.  Sarah is such a beautiful little spirit, and I love what has become my yearly visit with her this time of year!


Jackson #19

Jackson’s mom decided to have me shoot one of his soccer games for his photos this year.  What a great idea!  We didn’t tell him I was there so he wouldn’t be self-conscious (even though I’ve been taking his photos since he was three months old, we didn’t figure he would recognize me if I blended with the crowd) and I was able to get some shots of him truly in his element.  I’ve shot my nephews’ soccer games for as long as they have been playing, so I knew what to expect.  I’ve learned a surprising amount about the rules of the game in the past few years!  I confess I didn’t keep up with the score and I don’t know which team won, but Jackson’s team did great!


Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad RoeBug

Monroe was very stoic for most of his six-month session, but we did manage to pull a few great smiles out of him!  Mom has her hands full with these two right now.  Caroline is into exploring and checking out all the different flowers to be found, while Monroe just wants to snuggle.  And not in his Big Bad Wolf costume.  About that he was pretty opinionated!  He liked it as a toy, he liked it sitting next to him, but he did NOT like it on his head!  I wonder how Halloween went after their session?  Ha!  I love Lauren for her unending energy and gusto during photo sessions, though!  She deserves an award for pulling this one off – and looking so photogenic while doing so.  :)