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Dear Lila – 3 months

Dear Lila, Once again I had great plans for your photo session that didn’t materialize.  You have your big sister to blame this time, though!  I got some “lifestyle” shots, but they weren’t exactly the photo-perfect kind.  Didn’t stop me from sharing them on Facebook, though.  Keep that in mind when you get older and […]

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Hello, Lila Grace Palmer

Oh, Lila… I had such great plans for your newborn session.  I still have the Pinterest board to prove it!  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  Somehow after a full day at your house I came away with some studio shots to be proud of, some pictures of me holding and feeding you, but […]

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Christopher – 3 months (and my ankle)

Yeah, I’m way behind on editing.  I don’t want to take away from Christopher’s three-month sneak peek, but I feel I should explain why the session was shot a little more than a month ago!  Some of you know my ankle has been giving me trouble since spring.  It has gotten progressively worse.  My awesome […]

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