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Cedric | Pensacola Senior Portraits

Before anyone starts, let me just say that I usually do NOT shoot on train tracks.  It’s dangerous as well as illegal.  But the only place Cedric wanted to shoot his senior portraits was at The Bluffs, and the train tracks are a big part of how he spends a lot of time down there, so I couldn’t just leave them out.  If you ask me to take children down there my answer will still be no, even if everyone else is doing it.

I work with Cedric’s mom, and we have been attempting to make this session happen since last fall.  There have been several rainy days and other scheduling conflicts since then, but we ended up with perfect weather and great light so I’m not even worried about it!  I knew we would make it happen before graduation.  I hope I did the location justice for Cedric.  His family is moving out of the area in a few months, so it was important to me that I incorporate this location for him as best I could.

Happy upcoming graduation, Cedric!

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