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The Ricky Palmer Family

This time of year is hard as a photographer who also works full time.  I know everyone who schedules a session in these last few months of the year is thinking of Christmas cards and gifts, and the pressure I put on myself is real.  I’m always really careful not to over-schedule myself so I can get photos edited and posted timely.  One thing I can’t plan for, though?  The flu.  Oh, I got my flu shot!  But then I got a strain that wasn’t covered, and I didn’t realize it until I was already two days in – too late to go get Tamiflu.  So on Thanksgiving day, when I had planned to wake up early and edit before heading to my sister’s house for lunch, I instead battled a fever and chills.  So much for that four-day weekend to catch up!

So Jessica and Ricky’s photos are later than I’d like them to be.  It took all week before I had the endurance to not crash immediately upon getting home from work.  Hopefully they’ll think they were worth the wait!  I loved the fact they wanted to shoot at their beautiful new home in Jay!  I watched the progress photos as they were posted on Facebook, and getting to shoot out there was really a treat!  The home looks new and yet like they’ve been there forever, if that makes sense.  Like it’s just meant to be!



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