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Hello Sweet Emma

You may remember Lilly’s newborn photos on the blog a couple of months ago.  Sweet Emma is her new cousin!  I am so excited that I got to capture both of these new baby Eggarts.  I can’t wait to watch them both grow up, too.  Having a cousin so close in age is really a treat, and I just know these two will be best of friends like Della and Jackson have been.

Speaking of Jackson, this is the third time I’ve had him in front of my camera, and he is one of the sweetest little guys I’ve ever met!  While we were waiting for Emma to nurse, he showed me all of his favorite iPad games and how to play them.  We had a cute little chat while he was sitting in the studio, and I’d occasionally just snap a photo of him without him realizing what I was doing.  The result is a cute little collection of childhood expressions.  I hope his mama loves them as much as I do!


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