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Those Toenes Kids

I love kids.  Pretty much all kids.  But some grow to have special places in my heart, and Emma and Jace definitely have done that.  It’s impossible to believe Jace has turned two and graduated Whittle Steps with this session!  We had a great time running around at the Bagdad Mill Site Park – the kids could run around safely with no traffic, and we even managed to slip in a few photos of Lydia and Justin alone.  (What you can’t see in some of those photos is Emma pulling at Lydia’s leg just out of the frame.  HA!)  I read that the county planted over 200 trees at the park last week, so I’m really excited to get over there and see it now.  It may be my new favorite place to shoot, as long as all the new trees didn’t mess it up – and I have a hard time imagining how they could have!

Merry Christmas from the Toenes family!  I wasn’t going to post the little card I made for them, but since Justin already put it on Facebook, I feel okay doing so.  Haha!  Secret is out, leaving Lydia scrambling for another holiday greeting.  😉


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