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Caroline and Monroe at Home | Lifestyle Photography

I wish more people would request lifestyle photo sessions!  Maybe I should suggest them more often?  I got giddy when Lauren asked if we could just shoot the kids at home in their environment.  Earl is deployed again, and it would just be easier for her to stay at home with them.  Understandable!  But I think her request driven by convenience turned out so perfectly.  I’m probably sharing way more photos from yesterday than I should, but I just can’t resist.  Watching these three run around and enjoy one another was such a treat!  And I like to think I’m also providing a glimpse for Earl of how his better three-quarters are spending their Saturday mornings while he’s gone.

I haven’t been posting much on the blog because, well, I’m getting ready to shut it down.  I’m officially closing the business at some point this summer.  I’ve been shooting since 2009, and it’s just time for a change.  I love photography.  I love capturing moments like these and what these photos will (hopefully!) mean to Lauren and Earl down the road.  To some extent I will still crave that, and I’ll find ways to get my fix.  But I can already feel my focus shifting away from photography.  I’ve worked full-time the whole time, and it’s nice to have a free weekend every once in a while.  It’s nice to be able to read a book without feeling guilty because I have clients waiting for me to edit their images.  It’s nice to not have to force myself to go sit down and edit when I’m not in the mood because timeliness counts in customer service.  It’s also nice to not have to worry about making everyone happy.  Because you can’t.  I’m ready to do me for a little while, and to find out how photography fits in with that at this stage of my life.

I probably won’t delete the Facebook page, just because so many people’s photos are shared there.  But I won’t be renewing my hosting for this blog, and that means everything will vanish.  There are too many of my own memories to let that happen, so I’m looking at having books made to memorialize it…  We’ll see.  In the meantime, text or email me if you want some lifestyle photos!!


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