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Caitlin was worried that none of the photos from Alaina’s 18 month session would turn out because Alaina wasn’t really all that cooperative.  She certainly made us work for what we got, but she was just your average toddler and had her own ideas about where and how we should be taking photos.  We shot at a home that has been in Caitlin’s family for a long time and had a lot of special meaning to her.  I’m glad when I can incorporate personal meaning for my clients!

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Jace is one (plus some)

After a couple of different scheduling issues, we finally managed to get together for Jace’s one-year session!  We opted to do a cupcake instead of a full cake smash so that we could shoot at a location.  One year is really the cut-off age for the portable studio.  Any older and the kiddos are just too hard to contain to one small place!  The Maritime Park was a great place for Jace and Emma to let off some energy and run in between shots.  And during some shots!  Haha!  I posted an outtake on Facebook last night and encouraged other parents to chime in so that Lydia knows it’s not just her kids who sometimes refuse to cooperate.  I think I’ll start doing that more often.  I hate watching parents struggle and feeling miserable…  but I’m used to it.  And I promise you we’ll get some good shots.  The absolute worst thing you can do during a session is get totally stressed, because kids pick up on that superfast!  So I think I’ll make it my mission for 2016 to convince parents everywhere that their kids are perfectly normal and the photos will still turn out okay!!!

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The Palmer Family | Christmas 2015 Edition

We shot some quick photos for a Christmas card in Len and Val’s back yard one Saturday afternoon.  We had actually planned to decorate some trees with ornaments, but with kids and dogs (I took our new dog over to meet everyone) and everything, that just didn’t happen.  Even though it got dark earlier than I’d expected, the sunset made for some pretty awesome skies!

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Hilda - December 16, 2015 - 5:07 am

Great photos Jessica.

Oh Norah

We didn’t put Norah in a tuba this time around, but we still had a lot of fun at her three-month session the day after Thanksgiving!  Charlotte is SO creative and I know her style pretty well by now, so that makes things a lot easier.  (Char – have I mentioned yet that I really wish you lived closer?  We could have so much fun with crafts plus I would get more Norah time!)  I think Norah only fussed once the entire time I was there, which has to be a record for a three-month session!  As long as we kept her off her belly she was happy to indulge us.

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Lexi is one!

It’s so hard to believe that a year has passed since this little bunch of sweetness came into our family!  I remember taking her newborn photos last Thanksgiving at my mom’s house like no time has passed at all.  And yet a year is gone and she’s getting so big!  She does this adorable one-knee-one-foot crawl that is surprisingly fast and gets her where she wants to go.  With the right motivation she can be convinced to stop leaning backwards and take a few independent steps toward one of her favorite people – or food.  She wants to eat anything she sets her eyes on, and you know when she has spotted it because her paci pops right out of her mouth and falls wherever she sits/stands/is being held.  Her smile lights up a room, and her two big brothers still adore her.

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