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The Howk Family

Man, what a crazy couple of weeks it has been.  Since I’m taking a class at UWF this semester (Legal Research and Writing), the weeks are flying by.  Every time I turn around my next assignment is due!  I can’t believe we’re already into fall (probably because the weather won’t stay fall-ish for more than a day at a time) and we’re already talking about photos for Christmas cards!  But here we are, and I’m so glad I got to really kick off the fall season with one of my favorite families.  Addison and Gunnar have grown so much since I saw them last.  Due to my ankle surgery and some scheduling conflicts, we pretty much blew past Gunnar’s second birthday and this session was incredibly “late.”  But it’s never the wrong time to have family photos, if you ask me!  If you missed the last great opportunity, make your own perfect opportunity.  Make it happen!

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Sarah + Peyton = BFF

Holly approached me with the idea of doing a joint session with Sarah and her BFF, Peyton a little while back, and I could hardly contain myself in anticipation of the cuteness!  They were born within weeks of one another and are growing up together.  What an amazing friendship this will be for them!  Can you imagine when they each grow up to have their own families how they’re going to sit around one evening looking back at these photos over dessert or coffee?  I’m so tickled that I get to be a part of preserving their childhood memories with some fun candid shots of them together – along with the formal shots, too, of course!

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Welcome, Norah Kathleen

Norah is the first participant in my restructured Whittle Steps plan (which I announced yesterday on my website and Facebook page)!  It makes me so happy to know that I will see this little doll frequently.  I shot Charlotte and Daniel’s wedding and they let me take the photo for their pregnancy announcement during a quick trip to Pensacola.  We also managed to get in a very quick maternity session!  Norah is definitely more like an honorary niece than a client, and I plan on soaking up all the snuggles I can get while she’s growing up.  I also can’t wait to see what happens with that head full of dark hair!

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Noah on the run

Noah welcomed his sweet baby sister just days after we took his two-year photos, and I am so thrilled for him and his family.  We met at one of my favorite places of all time and it was so perfect for Noah because he was able to run around, have fun, and be himself without danger of running out in front of a car.  And run he did!  I think I have two photos of him sitting still and the rest were all on the move.  Amy and Ben – I know you have lots of awesome family around, but if you need anyone to take Noah out to run off some of his energy, you just let me know!  I charge for my services in baby snuggles.  😉

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He may LOOK like he’s sitting here, but he’s not.  He’s mid-spring!

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Lexi Lou is 9 months (already?!)

Where have I been the last couple of months?  Still here, but without my own working computer.  Apple products had a very bad week here in my house, and I shattered my iPhone within a week of my iMac hard drive giving out.  The iPhone was an easy fix – I already wanted to jump ship to Verizon and get a Galaxy S6, so that just required a trip to the Verizon store.  The iMac was another issue altogether.  While I would like to be independently wealthy, I am not… so I couldn’t just run out and buy a new one.  I opted to replace the hard drive myself (with some long-distance tech support from my awesome mother-in-law, some borrowed tools, and lots of encouragement from friends, haha!) and I won’t say that went smoothly, but it did get done.  Eventually.  Then I had to get an operating system back on it, reinstall all of my software, and I’m still working on getting all of my shortcuts back in place.  Thankfully, I have always backed up my actions and presets…  but I think I lost all of my templates (unless they’re on an external drive I haven’t checked yet).  Needless to say I set up Time Machine as soon as this bad boy was running again!

Another major event these last few weeks – Mamaw passed away.  She had been in assisted living for a few years now, and she had rapidly progressed from one level of care to the next over the last few months, but it was still a shock when it actually happened.  She was moved to Hospice care, and that was a blessing.  She had some pictures of our sweet Lexi that I gave her back at Christmas, and I have a couple of great shots from Mother’s Day when we all visited and had ice cream with her.  She got to hold Lexi, and you can really see in the picture how much the boys loved her.  It always surprised me that they enjoyed visiting her – there wasn’t much for a little boy to do in her room, and they had to sit still and be quiet.  But I think they enjoyed the visits as much as she did, and that was a lot.  Mamaw always called me Jessie Lou, so I am adamant that I will call Lexi my Lexi Lou – even if Kelly can’t stand it.

And Lexi – you’re going into some serious debt, kiddo.  You’re supposed to be paying Aunt Jessie for these photos with snuggles, and so far you are pretty consistently refusing payment!  One of these days, I plan on collecting!

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