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Elena is one and I am BACK!

Elena’s first birthday was a great way to celebrate my return to shooting sessions!  I admit it was not what I expected – I don’t try to bend and stoop in my daily life anymore, but those are natural movements when shooting.  I had to accommodate for my ankle, but I think it went pretty well.  Elena is such a cute, happy little girl, and big sister Bella is still warming up to me.  Maybe by the time she’s five she will be okay with me when I first show up.  Maybe not.  I will bet money, though, that Elena will give me a high five when I leave sooner than Bella does.  😉

Don’t expect my posts and scheduling to be back to the level it was before surgery for a long, long time.  I’m taking it slowly and not pushing myself.  Basically that means I’m shooting my current Whittle Steps kids right now and nothing much else.  I’m being very selective about locations and the number of sessions I will do each weekend.  It’s still frustrating, but it’s so, so good to have the camera in my hands again and see all my wonderful kids again!  I’ve missed this like you wouldn’t believe.

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Noah – a little older than 18 months

I somehow missed scheduling Noah before my surgery, and then the weather was very uncooperative for a few weeks, but Len was finally able to shoot his “18 month session.”  I was there to make the introductions and hand off some equipment, but then I had to head back home.  I managed to stay awake only long enough for Len to bring me back my memory card and lenses before I passed out.  It’s so hard to wrap my mind around the fact that this far past my surgery I am still not back to fully functional.  So Noah was 21 months, I believe, by the time this session was shot.  Oops!  Better late than never.  He’s still stinking CUTE!  And I’m looking forward to being able to chase him around myself at his next session!

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Caroline waiting for her Daddy

Caroline’s Daddy is back now, but she really and Lauren missed him while he was gone!  This was another session that Len shot for me, but I was there to tag along.  We had such fun coaxing those sweet smiles from Caroline and watching her show off her crawling skills.  I understand she’s walking now and I’ll have to be on my toes for her one-year session coming up!

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Connor – 9 months

I owe Len a HUGE thank you for shooting several sessions for me while I’m recovering from ankle surgery.  I haven’t taken on any new clients, but my Whittle Steps kiddos aren’t going to stop growing while my bone graft takes its sweet time healing, and their milestone sessions still needed to be shot!  I was well enough to be able to tag along for Connor’s session, but it was SO hard not being the one behind the camera.  He took a little while to warm up to us, but big sister Chloe was in it one hundred percent from the very beginning.  She has really embraced the role of big sister!  What a lucky little boy Connor is to grow up with her by his side.

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Connor really gave the best smiles when Chloe was working in the background to make him laugh!

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This next one just cracks me up!

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And this one of Chloe was Len’s favorite of the whole day, so I had to include it even though this is Connor’s post.  😉  Pretty fun, though!

IMG_5710 copy

Hello, Lila Grace Palmer

Oh, Lila…

I had such great plans for your newborn session.  I still have the Pinterest board to prove it!  But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  Somehow after a full day at your house I came away with some studio shots to be proud of, some pictures of me holding and feeding you, but none of the lifestyle type images I had envisioned over the past months and no photos of your parents holding you.  Oops!  Your house has pretty amazing natural light that I wanted to take advantage of, and your parents pretty much let me try anything within reason, so this was supposed to be an epic session!  But the combination of your sudden desire to stay awake ALL. DAY. LONG. and the fact that I was only about two weeks post-op and getting around on a knee scooter (which means it’s pretty much impossible to keep my balance and wield the camera at the same time) means it just didn’t happen.  Oh, well.  I am happy with what I was able to shoot, and I know there will be plenty more opportunities to bring my ideas to fruition.  You’ll just be a little older than I had planned.

Love, “Aunt” Jessie

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Awake and not amused by our attempts to pose her…

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And this was pretty much how we ended… I have a feeling there will be many more photos like this to come.  Haha!

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