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Jackson #19

Jackson’s mom decided to have me shoot one of his soccer games for his photos this year.  What a great idea!  We didn’t tell him I was there so he wouldn’t be self-conscious (even though I’ve been taking his photos since he was three months old, we didn’t figure he would recognize me if I blended with the crowd) and I was able to get some shots of him truly in his element.  I’ve shot my nephews’ soccer games for as long as they have been playing, so I knew what to expect.  I’ve learned a surprising amount about the rules of the game in the past few years!  I confess I didn’t keep up with the score and I don’t know which team won, but Jackson’s team did great!


Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad RoeBug

Monroe was very stoic for most of his six-month session, but we did manage to pull a few great smiles out of him!  Mom has her hands full with these two right now.  Caroline is into exploring and checking out all the different flowers to be found, while Monroe just wants to snuggle.  And not in his Big Bad Wolf costume.  About that he was pretty opinionated!  He liked it as a toy, he liked it sitting next to him, but he did NOT like it on his head!  I wonder how Halloween went after their session?  Ha!  I love Lauren for her unending energy and gusto during photo sessions, though!  She deserves an award for pulling this one off – and looking so photogenic while doing so.  :)


The Hanson Family

It was sooooo hard not to focus on Annelise during this family session because she was such a happy, sweet baby!  Before we even left the parking lot she was reaching for me to hold her, and you’d better bet before the session was over I managed to work some snuggling in.  Oh she just melted my heart!  Big brother Cooper was fun in his own way, too.  He was more interested in exploring his new surroundings than smiling for photos with his family, but that’s exactly how little boys are supposed to be at his age!  I enjoyed watching him enjoy his exploring.  We let him pick a few spots for photos, and he got a little more interested.  Yay!  I’m so happy I got to meet this adorable family!


On the Shore with Maggie

We returned to the same location where we shot big sister Lila’s nine-month session for Maggie to have her own moment in the spotlight – or in the mermaid costume!  She’s such a little doll and seemed to enjoy hamming it up for my camera through the whole session.  I confess I thought her mom was taking on quite a task when she told me she wanted to bring a galvanized tub, bubble bath, and bottled water for some shots.  I just couldn’t envision hauling everything out to the location and didn’t know how well the bubbles would bubble.  It turned out to be absolutely adorable!  Best idea ever!  I may just have to start hauling around jugs of water… (probably not!)


Rose is One

I know it’s a little early to make occupational predictions, but I really think Rose might grow up to be an artist.  She set to work with her smash cake and finger-painted on the backdrop, the floor, and her own tummy!  At the end of the session she was so thrilled with her own work she began to clap, sending icing everywhere!  I’ll let you guess whether or not the session was already winding down or it came to a sudden halt when the clapping and icing slinging ensued.  😉  Big brother, Noah, actually slept through all the fun this time.  Definitely his loss.