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Lilly Ann is here

Lilly was the easiest newborn I’ve shot in some time!  Once she was out, she slept through everything I wanted to do.  Her big brothers and big sister are all enamored with her, especially Della.  I am so excited to watch these siblings grow up.  Della was one of my first newborns, and it’s safe to say my photography has changed since then.  I’m not even going to link to that post, despite the fact that Lilly totally has her hair.  😉


The Palmers on Gramma and Grampa’s Farm

Val’s parents have some great property in the northern end of Escambia County – complete with cows, donkeys, horses, hay bales, and beautiful rolling fields!  I have been dreaming of shooting out there since my very first visit, and Lila’s 18 month session presented the perfect opportunity to explore and get some updated extended family photos.  Imagine five adults and two children riding around in a Kubota, trying to stay picture-ready and hydrated in the heat.  Keith fixed it up pretty nice with some carpeting in the back and a newly fashioned bench for the occasion.  I wish I had thought to take a picture of them all loaded on it!

We ended with a visit to the cows where we got to pet Baby Cow – the cow that Laura helped to bottle feed as a calf!  

Keith welcomes baby brother Reid

Another double session here!  I had the pleasure of shooting Reid’s newborn photos, and I also got to spend some quality time with Keith while Reid was deciding whether or not he really wanted to go to sleep for us.  We had planned to take some photos of Keith by himself, and we had that out of the way with plenty of time to play!  He brought me lots of toys, we read a book, and I just soaked up all the sweet little kid time.  (Stephanie, I was serious about the offer to babysit!!)  I know Keith is going to be a great big brother.  Reid is so adored.

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Caroline & Monroe

We did a double session for Caroline’s 2 years and Monroe’s 3 months so they could each have their own time to shine, and boy did they each show me their personalities.  It’s amazing what personality can be found in such small packages!  I love my time with this sweet family.  I couldn’t help but bounce back and forth between the two for the whole time, and it was great!  Happy milestones, sweet ones!

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Maggie is one-half year old

I never did hear how big sister Lila’s trip to Chuck-E-Cheese went after these photos, but she sure did earn it with all her great behavior and helpfulness!  We did establish, however, that Chuch-E-Cheese was not open during our session and they would not be opening as soon as we were done.  She only asked about twenty times if they’d opened yet.  It was adorable.  She was such a good big sister to Maggie, too!  I can tell she adores her baby sister.  Maggie was easy spirited and handled the heat and outfit changes like a pro.  Actually, I think she handled it better than us adults, as we were wiping sweat from our brows and swatting at bugs.  Gotta love Florida in the summer!

Happy half a birthday, Maggie!

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