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The Howze Family | Navarre Beach Family Portraits

I love it when I get to be a part of a family’s beach vacation memories, and I’m so happy I’m able to shoot on the beach again!  As long as I’m careful not to over schedule myself, my ankle has been handling the beach really well!  The Howze Family was here for a short time from Slidell, and I know they don’t have beaches like this in their area!  We had to race against some nasty weather to the north, but it never actually made its way down to the beach.  Just made for some pretty stormy sky backgrounds, and that’s okay with me.

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Embracing the curls with Norah

Oh.  My.  Gosh!  Charlotte always brings her genius styling to Norah’s sessions, but I think she may have just outdone herself this time.  Norah’s two outfits were made by her two grandmothers, and they were both absolutely darling.  But Alice in Wonderland? I’m in awe!  And the paper flowers are from Charlotte and Daniel’s wedding.  Char also scored some amazing fabric to use as backdrops and made amazing buntings.  I need her to style every session for me…  Or maybe I just need to shoot Norah more?

Special shout out to Uncle P for bringing the giggles during this session.  That light in Norah’s eyes?  That’s her love for her Uncle P as he hung out behind me the entire time entertaining her.

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The prettiest Rose in the garden

To say that Rose’s 9-month session in the garden was hot just wouldn’t do it justice.  I think swampy would be a more accurate description.  We all left drenched in sweat and with pink cheeks!  You never know what Florida weather is going to throw your way, and there isn’t a thing that can be done to change it on any given day.  But I think we made the most of our misery, and Rose sure seemed to have some fun!  This garden is back to being my favorite place to shoot (my favorites change), and I hope next time I visit the weather will be more kind.

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Lexi is sprouting right up

I’ve often told people that shooting my own family is very difficult for me – the kids think it’s play time, whereas I think they would be more inclined to listen to a stranger authority figure.  I also know their personalities so well that it’s hard not to wait out the perfect smile.  I know it’s in there.  I know what it looks like!  I know they’re withholding on me!  But I’m always happy that I fought through it and got the images of my sweet little turd-muffins.  (Hey, I love them and I can call them that with the utmost affection.)

IMG_1859 copyIMG_1863 copyIMG_1871 copy

I -adore- the way Tyler is so patient with her and is so willing to help and teach her new things.

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She really preferred to be sitting in front of them, facing them.  They are her audience, after all.

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Captain Ameri-Connor

It’s bittersweet when my Whittle Steps babies graduate from the plan! Connor and his family have been with me these past two years, and they will be moving later this year.  I was so hopeful Connor would have a little brother or sister follow him in the plan.  😉  But it was great to watch him play on the beach – which he loves!  This little boy is so very loved by his family!

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