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Alaina is TWO!

We spent a very hot, humid, slippery morning at Arcadia Mills for Alaina’s two-year session.  It had rained the night before, and the air was still very heavy under the cover of the trees.  But that didn’t stop Alaina from giving us smiles as we explored the boardwalk to check out the area.  She really enjoyed dropping sticks and leaves off the boardwalk and chasing after her mom.  It’s hard to believe she is already two years old!

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The Pate Family [Navarre Beach Photographer]

One thing I missed a lot about not being able to shoot on the beach over the past year and a half was getting to meet vacationing families from all over the country who decide to have beach family portraits taken while they’re staying on our sugar white beaches.  While I’m normally a very shy person, I find it pretty easy to talk to most of my clients and I enjoy hearing about where they’re from and what they plan to do (or have already done) while they’re here.  I was even able to make a suggestion to the Pates about a dolphin cruise in Destin that I went on with my family a few years ago.  They are safely back home (albeit minus a pair of white sandals that were stolen during our session!), and I hope they will come and visit me again in a few more years so I can watch the kids grow up!

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Jace’s curls

I’m back to being able to shoot on the beach!  I’m taking it easy and not scheduling too many sessions because I still FEEL it after the fact in my ankle, but it’s doable and I’m certain with time it will feel normal again.  And what a great first session back!  Humidity is just a fact of life here in Northwest Florida, but being on the beach takes it to a whole new level, and Jace’s curls make me want to squeal.  They are so perfect!

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Norah in Black and White

Charlotte happened to mention during Norah’s last session how much she loves black and white because it feels more nostalgic to her.  Every once in a while I get the black and white bug, and I’ve got it today.  I’ve been doing a LOT of work behind the scenes of the business side, so I need a hefty dose of creativity right now.  Charlotte and her friend Kasey styled Norah’s nine month session SO PERFECTLY.  While the soft colors of Kasey’s back yard are great (if I lived closer I’d be offering her some major trades to be able to shoot there often because it’s absolutely a photographer’s dream!), I think black and white works well, too.  Here’s to beauty, creativity, and Norah!

Baby Caden

Caden was a wide awake newborn!  He’s a tricky little guy!  I finally lulled him to sleep during attempt number two, but he required much soothing in between each different pose.  Hey, it’s all a part of it!  I wouldn’t continue to shoot newborns if I didn’t want to deal with the challenges.  They just make those cozy sleepy shots all that much sweeter once you get them!  They’re hard fought for sometimes, but totally worth it.

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