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Christopher | 18 months

We went back to the location where we shot Christopher’s maternity session for his 18 month photos, and he was so cute exploring all the great little areas of the fort!  Toward sunset we wandered down to the beach, and it was my first time truly shooting on sand since my ankle surgery.  It was very minimal, but it was still a step in the right direction.  It gave me the confidence I needed to be able to really start scheduling beach sessions again!  Yay!  That’s the last step to me being back to pre-surgery status!!  So happy this little cutie helped me find that out.

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Hello Maggie

If you’ve been around for a few years, you might remember Lila and her mermaid session.  (If not, I just linked it to make it easy for you!)  The last time I saw the Kiker family Lila had turned two and they were in no rush to give her a baby sibling.  I recently got to catch up with them again while shooting baby sister Maggie’s three month photos!  She will be joining us for Whittle Steps, just like her big sister did.  I’m so excited to have Maggie aboard!  The three month session is always the hardest, so it should be all downhill from here.

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The Hudgens Family | Expecting Lydia

For me, this session was all about capturing this family of four before they become a family of FIVE!  Lydia has been loved and adored by her big sisters for months now, and I know they’re going to dote on her.  I have thoroughly enjoyed watching this beautiful family grow over the years.  Their interactions with one another – even when the camera is around – are so real.  I think part of that is that I’ve been around since Bella was six months old, so they’re used to me invading their space on the regular.  😉  These sisters will share a bond that will last their lifetime, and that’s absolutely priceless.

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Welcome, Monroe!

If I had thought I could get away with it for even a few minutes I would have packed Monroe up with my portable studio and taken him home with me.  He is so small and squishy and absolutely stinking adorable!  And… bonus… he didn’t soil any of my blankets during the session like his big sister did!  Seriously, though, he went pretty easy on me.  As soon as he finally fell asleep he was pretty content to let me pose him.  Even after I upset him by changing him into the cute little suspenders outfit he went back to sleep and let me keep on going.  Here’s to watching him grow over the next two years (minimum!) and keeping big sister, Caroline, around, as well!

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The Gannon Family is Growing

Kayla was so much fun to work with during her family’s maternity session.  She took a little convincing to warm up to me and my camera, but once she warmed up to me we played games and she shared some great REAL smiles!  The photo where she’s leaning against her dad on her back is my favorite family shot so far this year.  We didn’t ask her to do it.  In fact, we were trying to convince her that she should go sit nicely with them and smile for me…  instead she gave us this, and while I’d just met her I felt that what we’d captured was so much more her true personality.  She’s adorable and fun, and I can’t wait to see her again soon when I go take baby brother Caden’s newborn photos! He’s here, so I’m just waiting for the word that the family is ready.  :)

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