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Happy Birthday to Lila

Dear Lila,

I got home a little earlier today from your first birthday party (those photos will come later – it took me a couple of weeks to finally get these edited), and it was awesome to see how much you are loved by your extended family.  You’ve been sick this week, but you still handled all of the guests like a champ, and you really enjoyed all of your gifts.  I’m so happy to have captured this first year for you and can’t wait for many, many more!  You smile the brightest for Laura.  You still let me rock you to sleep with your bottle sometimes.  And you’re walking ALL OVER the place like you’re on a mission.

Happy birthday, sweet one.

Aunt Jessie (which you still can’t say yet…  get on it!)


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Having so much fun with Atlas

Atlas was one of my two-day newborn sessions a couple of years ago.  I had to go back the next day to get him to cooperate with me.  Since then he has really learned to ham it up for the camera!  I think he’s still making amends for all that fussing he did the first day.  😉  We had a great time playing during his last session!  Dana came prepared with some of his favorite (yet photographic) toys, and that helped.  It’s incredible that he has graduated from Whittle Steps already!  I hope I continue to see him around, though…

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Elena – little sister growing up!

I don’t know if it’s just me, or if others feel the same way, too, but Elena seems to be growing up so much faster than Bella did!  It feels like I blinked my eyes and she’s 18 months old already!  (Okay, 21 months as of the writing of this blog post – there were weather issues and such.)  It has flown by so quickly, and she’s already being promoted to position of big sister very soon.  Watching my little families grow is so exciting for me.  Bella really blossomed since our last session and was terrific at showing Elena how this whole photo thing should be done.  I feel a bit guilty starting out Elena’s sneak peek with a photo of Bella, but how could I not when it’s this cute?  Bella is still one of “my” kids!  😉

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Skylar Graduates Whittle Steps

It was a rocky session for Skylar’s two-year photos.  I was suffering from a sinus infection, it was one of the two cold days we’ve had this year, and it actually started raining on us.  I watched the weather for a few hours before the session and it was only a 30% chance of rain – and only during the hour we were scheduled to shoot.  When I left my house the sun was shining.  Man, I should have bought a Powerball ticket that day because we beat the odds and got our rain.  While the drive hadn’t been too bad for me, I knew Skylar and her parents had driven at least 45 minutes to get there, so I kept trying to push through until it just got to be too wet and miserable.  Skylar seriously ROCKED her partial session time, though!!  While I didn’t get as much variety in settings as I like to, I think we got a wide range of facial expressions from her – and her sweet dog, Mellie, too!

PS – I wish they made that adorable little coat in my size.  I want one!!!

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